Impact to our clients

Challenge: Inbound leads were taking 35-70 days to receive a response due to increased volume and interest outpacing team expansion.  

Result: Updated website with lead flow form, qualifying leads with specific criteria and automated messaging cutting response time to 0-7 days and increasing total revenue by $750k

- Code2040, San Francisco 

Challenge: Activating & scaling marketing generated leads in a meaningful way to drive sales and nurture leads  

Result: Created foundational sales engine, automated outbound messaging and automated surveys empowering leads to self segment and generate new insights and data to understand leads current engagement and potential to close

- Touchlab, New York

Challenge: Nurturing existing leads and finding scalable product market fit via pricing model and client persona  

Result: Implemented a sprint based customer experiment test, A/B testing various value propositions with specific user personas measuring open rates, client engagement and overall call conversion

Challenge: Understanding product market fit, pricing and segmented offerings  

Result: Ran a Google ad test to drive inbound leads through a one page survey to have potential prospects self segment, better understand price point they were willing to pay and deepen our understanding of expectations within offering. Empowered us to land customers, define a clear business model and better understand buyer persona in a 30 day sprint 

ModernGuild, New York

Trokt, Des Moines

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